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Data gathered by the Feminist Gender Equality Network (FGEN) in the submission of the membership application will be managed in compliance with UK General Data Protection Regulations. Following our commitment to consent-based data processing and upholding the principles of privacy, transparency, and security.
  • FGEN stores data securely and with restricted access.
  • Process data lawfully and solely for purposes of internal communication and organising within FGEN, and not be used for commercial gain or made accessible to third parties.
  • Members must consent to the processing and storage of their data, for the duration of their membership, subject to updates requested by members.
Request for the cessation membership and corresponding deletion of data can be made at any time by writing to You can read our full privacy policy here
If you have access needs for online or in-person FGEN meetings, please specify:
If you have questions about membership please email:
To request changes to or the removal of your membership information, either visit your profile page or if you have issues please email:
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